On A Mission At Mission Beach

Dear Luna,

It’s day two of our Cairns-Sydney roadtrip.

Right now we’re at some rest stop off Bruce Highway, and we’re sleeping inside our station wagon
(Which we hired for free!) again tonight. Prolly for the whole trip, we’re not sure. We’re the only ones parked at this stop, so mumma and bubba decided to have a bath in the bush and we used our esky as a pail and one of the pots as a dipper.

It was hilarious! We gave you a bath first and you were so annoyed, you kept saying “I want in the room!”, perhaps pertaining to a bathroom but there were no showers in the toilets. Bath did you good me thinks, cause you’re looking refreshed.

Anyhoo, this morning we went to Mission Beach in Queensland.


Sand between your toes, and all over your legs.

When we arrived at Mission Beach, you ran straight to the water without looking back! And it’s infested with marine stingers so mumma and bubba ran after you as fast as we could! Yes, I was running while taking this photo.

As always, you had fun playing with sand.

We let you get in the water, but only until this part. We were that paranoid.

Mumma took heaps of snapshots, of course. And you wouldn’t stand still, of course.

Oh that impish grin.

At Mission Beach, we made it a mission to visit at least one beach every day until our trip is over. We reckon this can’t be difficult to achieve. Question is, will we really be up for it? Every day?

We’ll see then.

Mosquito bite-covered Mumma


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