Mum’s Last Ultrasound!

Dear Luna,

Yesterday mum, dad and Granny Miriam went to the OB-Gyne. Possibly, mum’s last visit to the clinic. The OB finally recommended another ultrasound exam to check if I still got a low lying placenta (if I do, I will undergo a cesarean operation)… and hallelujah the result showed that my placenta has finally migrated higher!

It also showed that you are indeed a girl. Now we don’t have to change your name and worry about having a baby boy who wears too much pink stuff.

Above is a short video mum took while being checked by the OB. By the way, it was Granny Miriam’s first time to see you on the ultrasound monitor. She was sooo giddy!

You’re now 1.8kg at 7 months 3 weeks! For sure you’ll keep growing for another month.

2 comments on “Mum’s Last Ultrasound!

  1. wow. to think i just stumbled in this blog searching for bolinao and i wondered who’s luna?
    this gave me an idea should i have my own child too. what a very beautiful gift you can give to your child! 🙂 God bless your family

    1. Thank you! Yes, I hope she enjoys reading it when she grows up 🙂 That’s the main purpose of this blog. To let her know my thoughts and feeling at the exact moment.

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